Adding A Rolling Tarp System To Your Flatbed Trailer

18 March 2020
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Drivers that pull large flatbed trailers with their semi-trucks haul loads that are often easier loaded from the side of the trailer but need covering for protection. Installing a rolling tarp system on the trailer will protect the load and offer more flexibility in the loads you carry.

Protecting Flatbed Trailer Loads

The types of loads you carry may need protection from the weather. Most of the time, the load is just too big to put in a dry van trailer, so the shipper will ask for a flatbed trailer to haul the freight. 

Traditionally, the driver will have to cover the load with heavy tarps and strap them down to protect the cargo, but that can take a lot of time, and it is not always the most secure method of protecting the load, especially in stormy weather.

Using tarps also means the driver needs to carry a lot of them, and when they are hauling a flatbed trailer, there is not a lot of room for extra equipment. Sometimes the driver will fold them up and strap them to the trailer deck, but that leaves the tarps out in the weather and not secure in the event the driver is away from the truck for a while.

Rolling Trap Systems

Installing a rolling tarp system on your trailer is an excellent way to protect the load if needed and have the flexibility of loading the trailer from the side. The rolling tarp system uses a lightweight aluminum frame that is installed on the trailer to support roof panels and soft sides that run the entire length of the trailer.

The frame can slide to the front or rear of the trailer with the removal of a couple of latches, making it easy to open and close. Most of these systems are toolless, so the driver can quickly open or close the tarp. When the trap is extended, the entire load is inside what looks like a soft-sided dry van. 

Customizing Your Tarp System

The size of the cover is made to fit your trailer precisely, and you can choose some options when you order your tarp system like a translucent white roof so you can see inside the trailer or headache rack options that allow you to store chains and hardware on them. 

The color of the material is often up to you, so matching it to your truck is easier, and you can have your company logo added to the fabric sides if you want.